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Are you in school or attending college? Or maybe you are a parent who wants to help your child with his studies? If so, then here are the best Chrome extensions for students to help you focus and study better, and write impeccable essays.

Google is currently the biggest search engine in the world. Thus, it’s no wonder why students use it as their primary source of information. The Google Chrome browser alone provides the perfect tool for studying and researches but added with the extensions, it could make your student life much easier and hopefully, make your grades better. 

To help save your time looking for the best Chrome extensions for students, we did the work for you. After testing and trying out some of the most popular extensions in Chrome, we found the 5 best that can make you more productive. To complete this list, we considered the price and tried to answer which extension can best help you with the following:

  • Grammar and Spelling
  • Citation Generators
  • Productivity
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Studying

The 5 Best Chrome Extensions For Students

Grammarly - Best Chrome Extension For students

1. Grammarly

The best Chrome extension for grammar and spelling

Grammarly is hands down the best extension to check your grammar and spelling. Unlike other grammar tools, it allows you to choose which type of English you write. You can go with either American or British English. 

It has a free version that prevents you from making grammatical mistakes and it suggests modifications accordingly. It also provides you with feedback to help you improve your writing style. On top of that, this tool works on almost every website or platform including Google Docs, Gmail, Google Sheets, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

This app also has a premium version which not only checks your grammar but also helps you know whether or not your text is plagiarized or copied. Aside from that, Grammarly also helps you set the tone you want for your writing.

Overall, Grammarly is the best chrome extension for students. It offers unrivalled value in the free version and the paid version is well worth the money. In addition to being a top extension for native English speaking students it is a godsend for non-native speakers of English. The English language is notoriously difficult to master and has many many nuances and exceptions to its rules. Grammarly can help guide you through the maze that is English grammar and navigate you towards a better grade on your assignment.


2. MyBib

The best citation generator extension

This is a free bibliography and citation generator tool that informs you of whether or not a source is credible. This is useful when you’re writing essays or thesis as it will present all the sources that you used for your work. You can simply copy this straight into your paper or academic assignment.

See, while citations may seem like a boring and unimportant step for your research, it’s needed to prove your paper isn’t plagiarized. Citing your sources allows your instructors to see the difference between your idea and someone else’s. MyBib can generate citations from over 9,000 pre-defined and supported styles such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and AMA. 

In addition to proving the legitimacy of your work, MyBib greatly speeds up the citation process. Anyone who has written a dissertation knows full well how time-consuming the process is. This is especially true if you’re at the beginning of your education journey and still getting used to using citations.


StayFocused - Best Chrome Extensions For Students

3. StayFocused

The Chrome extension that helps you stay productive

When researching over the internet, it’s easy to lose focus. You can quickly open your Facebook or Twitter account and waste time scrolling down your follower’s or friend’s posts. If you tend to do this, StayFocused can help you. 

This tool is geared towards helping you stay productive by blocking the websites that distract you. It allows you to set a daily allowance limit to browsing the websites in your list of distractions. But if your goal is to avoid social media completely, there’s a “Nuclear” option in the settings which you can enable. With this extension, you can do and accomplish more. If you are nearing your deadline, this extension is for you.

We’ve all been caught in the vicious cycle of procrastination and the constant Reddit homepage refresh. Well, this tool can stop you in your tracks and uses confronting copy to let you know you’re not being kind to yourself. Sometimes a harsh word is all that’s required to help keep your eyes on the prize and not the same cat meme for 15th time today.

Google Dictionary

4. Google Dictionary

The only dictionary and thesaurus tool you need

Why is a dictionary important for students? Well, a dictionary helps you understand a subject better, it improves your communication skills, improves your grades, and you can make sure that you’re using every word correctly. And with Google’s very own extension, you can easily check a word’s meaning and spelling without opening Google’s website. 

Google Dictionary is convenient and extremely easy to use. You can click the extension icon and type or paste the word you are unsure of. Or you can double click a word on any part of a page and Google Dictionary will show you its meaning in a small pop-up box. 

Google Dictionary helps you expand your vocabulary too both in your native and foreign languages. You can just hover over any foreign word and this tool will show you its translation in your mother tongue. Moreover, this tool allows you to build a history of all the words you’ve looked up and you can practice each one until you learn its meaning. 

Memorize! Explainer Screenshot

5. Memorize

A learning and memorization extension that improves your studying

Memorize is a pretty great tool to have as a student. It helps you learn new information by asking several random preset questions. Just imagine your browsing the internet and having random questions popping up. These questions will stay on your page until you answer them correctly, helping you memorize these facts. 

Here’s a simple and easy-to-use tool. All you need to do is add a list of questions based on the facts you need to remember. You then set the interval between the questions and click start. After, just answer the questions as they come.

With Memorize, there is no limit to what types of questions you can add. You can also combine different topics and subjects. You can even learn about math, science, and the new Star Wars movie all at the same time – but that won’t help you pass your exams now, does it? 

Best Chrome Extensions For Students Conclusion

Technology has certainly developed over the years. And the same goes for the Chrome browser. Today, there are hundreds and thousands of extensions available. And each of them is designed to help improve your browsing experience. 

Now, if you are a student, it’s highly likely that you are using Google Chrome for most of your schoolwork. Thus, it is best to take advantage of such technological advances. This is why we recommend adding the best Chrome extensions to your browser and take your studying to a different level. Learn faster, write better, and eliminate the factors that distract you from completing your work. However, in order to achieve excellence you’ll also need ti form positive habits, so make sure to check out the 5 best habit tracking apps!


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