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Are you running a building business and looking into making your work a whole lot faster and easier? If so, then you’ll need a reliable construction management tool. It will help automate your process, providing you with a single place where you can handle tasks such as:

  • administrative tasks
  • estimates and billing
  • planning and scheduling
  • document management
  • workload assignments

They also serve as a platform to communicate and resolve issues with certain individuals who can help you complete projects. For example, your team members, contractors, subcontractors, and other stakeholders.

Construction management tools are specifically designed for construction professionals. It streamlines the processes in line with construction businesses so you never have to do them manually. With these management tools, you simply have to sign up and immediately start working from anywhere in the world. 

Now, there are a lot of construction management software tools available out there. And they come in different bundles such as ERP, project management platforms, and others. Thus, making it difficult to choose the right one for your business needs. This is why we did the work and scoured the internet to find you the most reliable construction management software tools in 2020.


1. CoConstruct

CoConstruct - Construction Management Tool

CoConstruct is an ideal construction management tool for builders, design-build firms, and its clients. It aims to help remodelers and builders manage their tasks with its three key modules for functionality. Specifically, it can assist you with scheduling, activity planning, budgeting, and communicating with your team and clients. 

But what makes this software our top choice is its unique design. As a constructor, you can easily manage ever-changing concepts. It offers unlimited customisation so you don’t have to be limited by predefined types of design or materials. Moreover, it serves as a single secure location where you can control and track most of your business’ aspects, including bids, orders, budgets, and specific preferences.

Pros Cons
Easy-to-use interface No free trial
Available on phone and tablet
Can be integrated with other software


2. Buildertrend

Buildertrend is designed for remodelers, home builders, and contractors. It eases your process by combining project management, financial management, project scheduling, customer management, and service management through a single platform. In addition, with its pre-sale tools, you have control over your bids, proposals, and the relationship with your clients.

With Buildertrend, you can keep track of your customers and easily follow up on them. It also customisable, allowing you to label and schedule tasks in a manner you see fit. Plus, you can upload daily pictures or logs from your job site. And you can share information with all your team members immediately. So you can forget about sending emails to each one and hope everyone can read them.

Pros Cons
Live updates in communication User interface is a bit complex
Supports iOS and Android Takes time to learn 
Can be used with other platforms


3. Procore

ProCore Construction Tool Logo

What makes Procore stand out from the rest is its incredible collaboration feature. With it, you can work with anyone in real-time. Most importantly, it combines all the solutions you need to manage your construction projects. 

Procore offers you tools to help you manage the financial and technical aspects of your business. It allows you to track resources, activities, costs, and assets. Furthermore, you can use it to monitor the progress of your team members. It encourages communication so you can reach your suppliers, contractors, and sub-contractors. At the same time, you can collaborate closely with your customers, stakeholders, and most especially, with your team. 

Pros Cons
Simple and easy to use Drawing markups need improvement 
Available on phone and tablet Expensive
Helpful and intuitive reporting


4. RedTeam

Redteam Construction Management

RedTeam is a software created by construction professionals for construction professionals. So you can expect that it has the features you need to run your business. It offers business development, budgeting, bid management, field management, and project management. With such features, you’ll have access and a better overview of all the processes and aspects of your business. 

What’s more, it has an analytics feature. This provides you with extensive insights that you can use as the basis for your decisions. 


Pros Cons
Simple and friendly interface Not recommended for large-sized companies
Easy to navigate Submittal process is complicated


5. PlanGrid


Here’s more advanced software that can meet your construction management needs. Claiming to be the first Request for Information (RFI) solution, PlanGrid offers a complete process that is tied and connected with your blueprint project. It allows you to manage as many licenses as you can with its admin console. You can also store your project data in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about security. This way, you can maintain a single master set that automatically updates itself whenever changes are made. 

In terms of features, PlanGrid offers collaboration, change orders, incident reporting, RFIs, submittals, and managing subcontractors, contractors, and residential clients. Moreover, it is also accessible online and through your phone or tablet. So you can continue working and stay connected with your team no matter where you are. 

Pros Cons
Easy to use Expensive
Compatible with iOS and Android Many of collaboration features require licensed collaborators which can be troublesome if you have many subs
Document storage


Certainly, with any of these 5 construction management software tools, you can work and run your construction business more efficiently and productively. More importantly, these construction management software tools can help you save some money. It can cut your operational costs and improve your product development as well as your scalability. Below is a table detailing the pricing options of the 5 construction management tools discussed in this article. Take a look, and see how these can help improve your business.

Construction Management Software Pricing

Construction Management Software Pricing
1. CoConstruct Core: $199/month

Standard: $249/month

Plus: 299/month

2. Buildertrend Core: $299/month

Pro: $499/month

Premium: Contact Buildertrend

3. Procore Project Management: $375/month

Project Management + Financial Management: $549/month

Custom Bundle: Contact Procore

4. RedTeam Starts at $4,200/year or $350/month
5. PlanGrid Nailgun: $39/month/user

Dozer: $59/month/user

Crane: $119/month/user

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