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Do you have a habit you want to break? Say, you want to stop smoking or finally break free from your constant procrastination? Or, do you want to stop hearing people comment about how you bite your nails or how much time your wasting on Twitter? If so, then we recommend using habit tracking apps.

With habit tracking apps, you can avoid the actions that are so deeply ingrained in your personality. But aside from breaking your bad habits, such apps can also help you start building healthy ones. For example, if you need to study more often to become a better student.

Habit tracking apps are effective in reshaping your behaviour as they provide you with a detailed report of your progress. And once you see this, it is easier for you to resist your natural patterns and adjust accordingly. The only problem with habit trackers is that there are hundreds of them. However, not all of them are effective and worth your time. 

To help you, we did the work for you. After much testing and research, we’ve made a list of the best habit tracking apps that can help you build a better you. 

1. Habitify (Free with a premium version for $4.99/month)

Habitfy - Best Habit Tracking Apps

Pros Cons
Attractive interface Low customization options
Detailed graphs and statistics
Allows syncing across all your iOS devices

Here’s a well-designed application that’s simple yet complete with an attractive interface. It’s effective and it provides you with beautiful reports that encourage you to keep going. Moreover, Habitify is ideal for individuals with busy schedules. It allows you to maintain your focus by showing you the habits or jobs you need to prioritize. If you have multiple iOS devices, then you’ll be happy to know that you can sync it with all of them. 

The only downside with Habitify is its relatively low customization options. But other than that, it’s a great, simple, and affordable app that’s great for tracking your habit progress. 

2. (Free; Hire a coach for $20 or more per week) - Best Habit Tracking App

Pros Cons
Community and coaching features The community-based system can lead to unhelpful or contradicting responses
The free version offers great resources and aids Finding a personal coach you cal identify with can be difficult

If you can’t seem to break or build your habits on your own and if you need extra motivation, here’s the app for you. allows you to check off habits as you do them. But what makes it one of the best habit tracking apps is its community and coaching features. 

With this app, you can connect with other users. You can share experiences and tips through a discussion thread under any common habit added to your list. Other people can also provide you with support and encouragement when you find yourself struggling to reach your goals. On the other hand, you can also hire a coach who will check up on you regularly, making sure that you’re keeping up with your habit. A coach can also provide you with the encouragement and tips you need to get back on track. 

However, these features are also this app’s disadvantages. With too many people sharing their thoughts about a habit, they have the possibility to be unhelpful and contradicting. And regarding finding a coach, it can be difficult to find someone you can identify to and feel comfortable with.

3. Habitica (Free with a premium version for $4.99/month)


Habitica - best habit building apps

Pros Cons
Unique RPG style app Stats and data can be overwhelming
Fun and exciting Occasional bugs and lags

Habitica is an RPG that features habit tracking features. It is unique, fun, and exciting. Thus, its inclusion in our list. Essentially, when you complete your habits, you can build up your game character’s stats. On the other hand, if you fail to do a habit, your character will lose some of its abilities and take damage. This is a great motivation for individuals who often forget what they have to do. 

However, if you’re not into RPG, this app may not be for you. Its stats and data can be very overwhelming and distracting if you’re not familiar with how RPGs work. Also, Habitica experiences occasional bugs and lags while at use. So it’s not the most perfect app but overall, it’s a great app to try. 

4. StickK (Free)


StickK App

Pros Cons
User-friendly interface You can lose money or reputation when goals are unmet
Makes completing goals interesting
Uses money as motivation

What makes StickK one of the best habit tracking apps today is its effectiveness. Plus, it’s free. It is created with the principle that people become more committed to something when there is money involved. It also allows you to involve your family and friends, making them as “referees” or accountability partners who will remind you of what you need to do. 

With StickK, there are real consequences when you don’t meet your goals. You either lose money or you lose face among your “referees” since the app will notify them of your failure. This is such an effective strategy because you are forced to own up to your commitment. The only downside? You can lose money. But that’s totally up to you. 


5. HabitShare (Free)


Pros Cons
Allows you to share your progress to friends Outdated interface
Messaging option Does not allow scheduling monthly tasks
Easy to use

Here’s another amazing free app that’s worth downloading. The idea behind HabitShare is that sharing your goals and victories to friends and family helps you become more motivated. But what makes it unique is that it allows you to communicate with your friends in realtime. Thus, you can motivate them or get motivated by them. While its social networking option is what makes it great, you also have the option to disable it and keep your progress private. 

What’s not so great about HabitShare is its outdated interface and it doesn’t allow you to schedule tasks every month, which can be useful for paying monthly bills and more. 


All these applications are chosen for their cost and ability to motivate you to reach your goals and break your bad habits and start good ones. We also considered compatibility and made sure all of them will work on either iOS or Android. So, start with your habit-breaking and building journey with any of the best tracking apps here. 


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