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Printing and scanning are integral to all types of business. Businesses often tend to ignore the bigger picture associated with their use. On a daily basis, printing and scanning are used for essential tasks such as print invoices, contract copies, send digital files and much more. There are two things associated with printers and scanners – the initial cost of purchasing and then the cost of maintenance. Service providers such as B2B Technologies have a complete solution that ensures uninterrupted workflow and processes.

There are several services offered under Print Management Solutions that vary according to the need of customers. Services and products that fall under it are:

Printers and Copiers

Businesses do not consider the cost of printing, everyday requirement and maintenance when they purchase printers. It is best to get help from experts who understand the goals of your business and the budget allocated. Based on these factors, they can provide the best solution that works for your business. Some of the top printers that are suitable for all types of businesses are:

Ricoh IM C2000

This cost-effective printer is great for small to medium businesses. Its key features include:

  • Multi-functional A3 digital colour printing
  • 10.1” colour touch smart user panel
  • It can print, copy, scan and has an option to add Fax
  • It can accommodate sheets in its 2 x 550 A4 trays and 100 sheet bypass tray

Lexmark XC2235

For businesses that require more functions in a low-maintenance model, this Lexmark’s printer has:

  • Print, copy, scan and fax options
  • 4.3” touchscreen panel
  • Scan to email and scan to network options directly
  • Colour laser
  • Duplex printing option
  • Wireless printing with an optional Wi-Fi card

Oki ES 5473

For a business with a large floor area, network printing capabilities are a must. This printer has:

  • Print, copy, scan and optional fax features
  • 7” colour panel for users
  • Gigabit ethernet
  • Google Cloud and Apple AirPrint compatibility 

Apart from these bestsellers, there are other models that such as Ricoh IM C Series, Lexmark’s XC4240 and Oki ES8473 that are best suited for all types of businesses.

Experts such as B2B Technologies can set up the best printer suitable for a particular business. Their costs will include not just the printer’s price but also print service management including servicing, maintenance, toner and other consumables. This also ensures that your business never faces downtime due to an empty toner or unexpected errors during printing. 

Another benefit of onboarding print experts is getting a complete solution that is based on cost per page, with only one bill to pay for the printer and other services per month. The best print solution providers in Australia will also have easy financing options on the lease.

Print Software Solutions

Traditional printing methods can be time-consuming and also lead to a waste of resources in businesses. The best way to control and restrict unwanted use of printing and making the employees aware of the same is to purchase a Print Software Solution. These applications are easy to manage and offer total admin control over printing, copying and other functionalities. 

Some of the key benefits of purchasing print software are:

  • Cost recovery due to less wastage of paper and energy consumption while encouraging responsible behaviour
  • Automation and Administration since printers functions can be automatically adjusted and have rule-based printing restrictions
  • Security to keep documents safe until they are ready to be printed. The software can also provide a full-secured server to track the prints
  • Sustainability helps in saving toner costs, use of paper and limiting waste

Some of the top software that businesses can benefit from are:


Papercut enables fully-featured print and copies control. It can help track printing behaviours, secure printing and eliminate paper waste. Some of the key features of the software are:

  • Securely releasing prints from any device
  • Easy integration with all types of devices
  • Authentication options such as access cards and PIN codes to prevent wastage
  • Rule-based printing with custom print policies and user quotas
  • Allocating printing costs to user, device, department or client level
  • Provide analytics of printer use and produce reports to spot inefficiencies and equipment abuse

iManage & RICOH @Remote

This software is primarily used for device management. It is designed for accurate and secure monitoring of printers and copiers to improve its efficiency. It also enhances the performance of the system by delivering meter reads and toner alerts. It’s key features are:

  • Gives real-time intelligence on printing and copying functions
  • Notifies issues and raises alert on functions that require immediate attention
  • Eliminates the manual need to track and check service and supplies with automatic toner alert and ensuring you never run out of ink

Print Software Solutions vary according to the usage and the size of the business. Experts such as B2B Technologies can help in selecting the right software by top companies such as Hewlett Packard (HP), Microsoft, Hyland, Kyocera and Lexmark. 

Digital Workflow Solutions

Digitization of processes and resources is one of the best ways to improve revenue growth of your business. Most businesses rely on workflow processes that drive employees to complete their task easily and productively. 

Transforming your business into a digital domain can be done with the help of Digital Workflow Solutions. These solutions are proficient in task automation, resource management and increasing overall productivity. Top software solutions provided by Scanner vision, DocuWare and Hyland to do the job. 

Scanner vision automates document workflows by capturing, processing and storing scanned documents along with documents generated by other solutions.

Docu Ware offers electronic document management by organising paper and digital files in a central digital repository. These systems process, capture, store, manage and track documents within the organisation.

Hyland manages content, processes and deploys cases on-premises or in the Hyland Cloud. It is a centralised system to store all the business content in a secure location and deliver relevant information only to the right people, wherever they are. It increases productivity and reduces risk across the entire enterprise.

The features that top experts such as B2B experts can provide using these solutions are:

  • Automation of manual tasks and distribute files based on rep-defined characteristics
  • Easy integration of file transfer between the employees in the business with notification features. It should include analytics to save paper and money
  • Integration of business systems to eliminate manual data entry errors. Automating workflow can help connected system to communicate with each other
  • Ability to manage digital multiple devices from one central location. The software should offer digital signing of files and a repository to match individual requirement

Your business can receive the following benefits with a complete print solution:

  • Reduced manual data entry to save time, reduce error, batch scanning option and provide uploading option using mobile devices and multi-function printers
  • Easy import from scanners, emails and fax to capture information and automatically save it in the repository
  • Manage documents and files by accessing file status, version control, audit trail, records management and cloud-based service settings
  • Eliminate paper waste and offer analytics regarding the usage of the system to track staff productivity

Workplace Collaborations

Apart from the basic print solutions on-site, the need of the hour for every business is workplace collaborations. Using efficient technology to help employees connect with other employees and clients the world over can help increase productivity, creativity and teamwork in your company.

These new technologies can be used to:

  • Modernise workspaces to enhance employee abilities
  • Make voice, visual to virtual and conferencing possible for easy communication between clients and employees regardless of their location
  • A smooth communication channel to relay the right information, keep everyone in the loop and increase meeting productivity

Some of the top technologies that are offered under Workplace Collaboration Solutions are Interactive Whiteboards, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing Cameras, Headsets, Interactive Flat Panels and Smart Signage.

The above services are integral to most modern small to large businesses today. Find a solution provider who can match the requirements of your business at an affordable cost. Look for a service provider that has a top market position, customer experience and the technical expertise to help your business grow further.



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