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If you run your own business, then it is quite understood that you are always busy with the various operational aspects of the business. Naturally, you will not find enough time to recruit fresh talents to help your firm move along smoothly. This is why most of the firms have their own HR department that deals with the recruiting part and others hire recruitment agencies who help to provide proper manpower to companies.

There are several recruitment agencies out there whom you can hire to help you get the right sort of employees for your company. However, it is important for you to remember that these recruitment agencies work for a commission and not all of them are experts at providing suitable candidates for different industries. Thus, you need to hire such an agency that deals with your type of industry.

Important Checklist for Hiring a Recruitment Agency

If you wish to get the best possible manpower for your firm, then you need to hire the right sort of recruitment agency, for example Your evaluation process of a possible recruitment agency will actually determine a major chunk of the ROI of your hiring costs. It is important that make a checklist before you go about hiring the best possible recruitment agency in town.

  • Terms: When it comes to recruitment agencies, these are divided into retained agencies and contingent agencies. You need to go with a retained agency if you wish them to do all the recruitment related job for you. These include screening, sourcing, and coming up with a list of shortlisted candidates. On the other hand, if you wish to interview a lot of candidates, then you need to go with a contingent agency.
  • Time to Source: It is important for you to understand that a retained agency will normally take around 4 weeks to 6 weeks to share a suitable list of shortlisted candidates. On the other hand, a contingency agency either has a suitable candidate in their bag or they don’t. If they fail to provide you with a good candidate within 10 days, then you can opt for the second-best option that they have. Do not forget to ask about their average time to source, especially to fill up a position in your specific industry.
  • Charges: Recruitment agencies normally charge around 15% to 25% of a candidate’s first year’s salary. This may be higher for those positions that are in high demand and vice versa. If you wish to determine the perfect budget for this sort of hiring process, then you need to weigh the way your other sourcing channels are performing and the amount of the money the firm is losing per day by not having this position filled in.
  • Reference from Customers: It makes no sense to hire someone without performing a proper reference check. Evaluate the past work of the candidate and try and identify what the customers have to say about the candidate and the way he works. Also, check on their customer retention.


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