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Habitica could be the perfect habit building app for teens and adults who enjoy gaming. The app adds gamification to habit building, which delivers a unique approach separate from any other app in our habit tracking app article. For this reason, we wanted to write a comprehensive Habitica review to provide insights into this unique habit build application.

If you’re stuck for time them check out the Habitica review summary by clicking here.

What Is Habitica?

Habitica, formally HabitRPG, is a habit-building app that was launched on the Kickstarter platform in 2013 by Tyler Renelle. Just like any RPG (role-playing game), you take control of an in-app character. However, the twist is that your real-life actions affect the in-game outcomes. Habitica draws on RPG tropes such as quests, character classes, finding loot, collecting gold, defeating enemies and partnering with pets and mounts. We’ll dive more into each aspect later in this Habitica review. This is a novel approach and for some people could be just the difference they need to achieve their goals!

Starting Habitica

It’s incredibly easy and quick to get set-up on Habitica. Simply download the app or go to the website (which is what I’ve used in this review) and register using your email or Facebook. Once registered you will be be asked to create a Habitica username.

Habitica username screen

You will now be brought into a character-creation stage where you can customise the look of your character! IT’s surprisingly detailed considering this is a habit-building app after all. You can customise hairstyles, skin colour, body type and more.

Habitica Character Creation Screen

Finally, you will be asked what areas of your life you’re looking to improve. You can select from 7 options; work, chores, exercise, creativity, health & wellness, self-care, and school. You can see my selections below.

Habitica Improvements Screen

Habit Building With Habitica

Before you start diving into the RPG element of the app, I’d recommend filling out the habit-building sides of things. The home screen provides you with 3 main columns to help you keep track of things. They are split into “Habits”, “Dailies” and “To-Dos”. Here is where you should add the things you want to track.

After you add a “To-Do” you can then add more detailed notes and add the sub-tasks required to complete it. This is a welcomed feature for people like me who’s To-Dos often require multiple different stages. It’s a great way of planning out a task and getting all of the different stages written out in front of you.

Habitica Task Internal Screen

Both the Habit and Dailies sections are the same in nature but with feature specific to each of them. For example, dailies offer a section for setting up the frequency of a repeating task. This is an incredibly useful feature and something you would usually expect as a paid-feature from most other habit tracking apps. For example, To-Doist, which is my usual, has this a premium feature!

Habitica Task Repetition Feature

Once this all set-up you can begin becoming a more productive human being and start levelling up your character!

Exploring Habitica’s RPG Features

Habitica is a surprisingly in-depth RPG and has a lot of features that I didn’t have the time to explore. It’s so in-depth that it has its own wiki, which is linked here:

Habitica Unlocks Feature


As with all RPGs your character will start at level 1 and progress as you tick off your tasks and build positive habits. The opposite will happen if you complete negative things like eating junk food or procrastinate. Unfortunately, this app is not an all-knowing entity that will hold you accountable so you must be honest with yourself and the app.

Again, as with most RPGs, levelling up ag the beginning of the game doesn’t take much time at all. Pretty soon you’ll be able to select your class. You can also choose to opt-out of the class system if they’re not your thing! At level 10 you can choose from 4 classes:

  • Warrior
  • Rogue
  • Healer
  • Mage

Each class has 4 unique attributes that aid you throughout the game. For example, Warriors deal more damage, Rouges find more gold, Mages gain additional experience, and Healers have more defence. A full list of their abilities can be found on the Wiki.


You earn gold as you complete tasks. Once you have enough gold you can begin to buy equipment for your character that will buff certain stats. For example, armour will increase your defence and reduce the damage your character takes from enemies. You buy equipment from the “Rewards” column and adjust your selections from the “Inventory” tab at the top of your screen.


Pets become available to you at level 3. You acquire pets by hatching eggs and potions (yes hatching potions). Pets do not require you to look after them, but if you give them food most of them will develop into mounts. Mounts are essentially rideable pets.


Quests can be started at any time, the only prerequisite is that you have formed a party. Parties are great because they help hold you accountable to your tasks.

Habitica’s Interface

Habitica Interface 2

The habit building section of Habitica’s interface is really easy to use. Although it is heavily stylised due to the nature of the tool, it’s incredibly easy to create, track, modify and check off your To-Dos and build/break habits. I’d actually consider it one of the easiest interfaces to get to grips with. All of the features are in areas that you would expect them to be and not hidden away.

What Platforms Is Habitica Available On?

The mobile version of Habitica is available on both Android and iOS. The web version, which I am using, works on all browsers. There is the ability to synchronise your account across all of the different platforms to ensure you’re not losing progress.

Habitica Review Summary

Habitica is fantastic! It’s such a unique approach to task tracking and habit forming. Habitica adds gamification to your life that effortlessly keeps you engaged with the app and therefore your goals on track. Generally, these types of apps are soulless and optimised to a fault. This can create a lifeless experience that makes it a pain to use. Habitica is the total opposite. So, if you enjoy RPGs, gamification, or just fancy a change of scenery away from your current habit app, then check out Habitica!


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