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Adjusting margins in Google Docs can be tricky business! Usually, you won’t need to adjust the margins in Google Docs because there is a default margin size of one inch. However, if you have specific formatting requirements then this guide is for you.

Here are some helpful tips to help you change the margin size in Google Docs:

How to Change the Size of Margins

There are a couple of different methods and we have provided quick links for each. These tips are very simple will help you format your Google Doc perfectly!

How to Change the Left and Right Margins

This method will only change the left and right margins. So if you need to adjust the verticle margin, skip ahead.

The left and right margins are controlled through the ruler (pictured below) and the top of the page. Within this ruler are two blue arrows. It is these blue arrows which change the size of the left and right margins.

Google Doc Left and Right Margin

Simply click and hold the arrow with your mouse and drag it to where you want your margin to be. It’s simple as that. Do not drag the blue rectangle just above the arrow. This adjusts the position of an indented paragraph. 

How to Adjust the Top and Bottom Margins.

Adjusting the top and bottom margins in Google Docs is a simple three-step process.

 1. Select File Then Select Print Setup

Click the file button in the top toolbar. This will present a dropdown menu to you with the option print setup. Click it!

File Print Select

2. Input Preferred Margin Size

A new menu structure will pop up after you click print setup. This is where you enter the required margin sizes for each of the four separate margins.

Margin Size Box Google Docs

3. Select “OK” and/or click “Set as default”

After you have chosen your margin size you can set as default, Cancel and/or OK. Clicking set as default will tell Google Docs to start each new document with these new margin sizes. Only clicking OK will save them just for the current document. Cancel will just return you back to your document with no changes made.


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