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Creating folders in Google Docs in the key to an organised filed structure. If you work with Google Docs every day or just occasionally this guide is relevant to you. Learning how to create a folder in Google Docs can be done in four simple steps.

  1. Click the folder button
  2. Click the new folder button
  3. Enter a new folder name
  4. Click move here

1. Click the folder button

Click the folder icon next to the name of the document.

Click the folder icon

2. Click the new folder button

A drop-down menu will appear with the option to create a new folder. Click the new folder icon in the bottom left of the drop-down.

Google Doc New Folder

3. Enter a New Folder

Now type the new name of the folder into the text box and click the blue tick.

Google Docs New Folder

4. Click Move here

Once the folder is created you can move the current document into the new folder by clicking, Move here.

move here

You will now receive a confirmation that the document has been moved to the newly created folder.

Google Docs Confirmation


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