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Learning how to delete a page in Google Docs is easy with these three methods:

  • Method 1: Select and delete
  • Method 2: Remove a page break
  • Method 3: Adjusting margins

Each of these three methods will help you delete a page. We have ordered them in order of most common to least common.

Method 1: Select and Delete

Select all of the content on the page you would want to delete from Google docs and press delete. This will remove all of the content and delete the page. This is the most common and easiest method to delete a page in Google Docs.

Method 2: Removing a Page Break

Accidently inserting a page is a common cause of unwanted pages in Google Docs. To delete a page using this method place your mouse pointer before the first letter and press delete. This will remove the page break and delete the page from Google Docs.

Method 3: Changing the Margin Size

Changing the margin size could accidentally create a page by bleeding onto a new page. To fix this make the margins smaller and the extra page will delete itself.


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