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Editing and converting PDF documents can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience without good PDF editing software. There are a lot of different solutions on the market that help solve your PDF problems. However, with so many to choose from things can get a little confusing. Well, we’re here to help make your decision easier by giving a thorough review of PDFelement.

Our PDFelement review will be split into the following sections:

Who Are PDFelement?

Who Is PDFelement - homepage

PDFelement is owned by Shenzenbased company Wondershare. Wondershare’s products are used in over 150 countries and have over 700 employees. On top of this, Wondershare has over 2 million active users across its range of 65 products.

PDFelement certainly isn’t a flash in the pan company and has strong staying power. This is great news and this statement is all too rare in the world of software.

What Is PDFelement?

PDFelement is a PDF editor that helps solves the common problems experienced when using PDF documents. Tasks like editing and converting PDF to other file formats are very common in the workplace and not easily achieved without a good PDF editor. Well, PDFelement is designed with the sole aim of manipulating PDF documents quickly, in bulk and with ease. But what exactly are the features of PDFelement, we’ll cover them now.

PDFelement Features

Manipulating PDF Files

One of the more frustrating things about not having access to a PDF editor is receiving a PDF and not being able to edit it. Thankfully, with PDFelement, this is a thing of the past and is also very simple to do. You’re able to manipulate a PDF in the same way you would expect to edit a Word document. Things like changing fonts or moving text around is an absolute breeze.

In addition to text editing, PDFelement is also great at editing graphical elements such as adding/removing images or watermarks. PDFelement has also added document review features like spell checker and a word counter.

Convert Scanned Documents With OCR Technology

OCR technology, also known as, Optical Character Recognition, is an amazing feature only available to premium users. OCR technology allows you to take a scanned document and convert it into a PDF document that is fully editable.

PDFelement’s OCR technology can detect 25 languages and convert a scanned document while retaining the layout, headers, graphics, captions, formatting and everything else you would expect.

In addition, accessing each of the individual images from a file is very convenient. You can simply ask the software to scan the PDF for images and have them be extracted to one file location.

It’s worth mentioning that you will be required to download and install the OCR library the first time you convert a file using OCR. However, anytime after is as simple as hitting convert. In fact, PDFelement automatically detects a scanned document and asks if you would like it converted.

My experience of using OCR conversions is very positive. Admittedly, simple scanned documents were used as a test, but the software handled it very well. The structure of the document was retained and editable features were applied to all of the main areas.

Security and Sensitive Info

Without a PDF editor, applying your signature was a bit of an ordeal. You would have to print, sign and scan, all of which takes precious time. PDFelement allows you to create, add ad even validate an existing signature of yours directly in the document.

In addition, the redact feature effectively manages sensitive information. Redacting allows you to block out sections of the document in accordance limitations you are bound to. If you work in legal, medical, financial or other sensitive types of work, this feature will save you a lot of time! The search and redact feature is especially useful for power users.

PDF Forms

I was completely unaware that PDF forms were even a thing before this review, but what a usefully feature this really is! PDF forms are very useful for businesses that need to collect information from partners but do not have the web infrastructure set up to do so. Thankfully, PDFelement supports PDF forms excellently.

The software allows you to create new forms directly in the PDF document, extract a form from a scanned document and digitize it, or create the form in different software and have it converted!

Doing this type of work manually is an absolute time killer, so if PDF forms are your thing, you’re in luck!

PDFelement works fantastically with converting other file types. It’s not just about converting PDFs to editable versions, but also about converting other file types to editable PDFs as well. This includes Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents. Additionally, fonts, headers and images will all be retained. Finally, you can convert them back to their original file type without a hitch!

Working in Batches

The batch processing feature is perfect ff your task involves a large number of files. With the batch process tool, you can manage the conversions, adding watermarks and extracting the images all at once.

PDFelement Features

PDFelement User Experience

PDFelement is incredibly easy to use. It combines intuitive tools with slick design to create an all-round positive user experience. PDFelement used to be quite a bulky tool but this was put right in the newest release, PDFelement7.

PDFelement Pricing

For individuals, there are two different pricing structures. You can choose between a yearly plan or a perpetual license. For the Standard version, this will set you back $59 manually. The Pro version comes in at $79 annually. However, if you’re planning on using this long term, I would recommend getting the perpetual licenses at $119 and $69 respectively.

Difference Between Free and Pro Versions

The key difference between the Free and Pro version is the inclusion of OCR only with the Pro license. This alone makes up 90% of the value of the tool in my opinion and is the primary reason to put money down on a PDF editor. There are other smaller differences which can be seen by clicking here.

PDFElement Review Summary

PDFelement is a joy to use. It is a tool that can easily adjust to an existing workflow or become the central focus of an entirely new workflow. The way in which it very accurately converts PDFs and other file types is brilliant and probably the main takeaway from this PDFelement review. The feature list is complete and easy to access through the software. On top of this the design is pleasing and provides an intuitive user experience. The perpetual pro license is great value for money if you work with a lot of PDFs!


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