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RoboForm is one of the best password managers on the market. It was also one of the first kids on the block. With this in mind, we thought we should give RoboForm the privilege of being the first password manager we wrote a full review for. Our RoboForm password manager review will be split into the below sections, so feel free to skip ahead if you’re short on time.

What is RoboForm?

RoboForm is a password manager available across all major devices and platform to help provide a seamless login and password security experience. It was one of the first companies to see the value in this type of solution, with many other companies following suit. RoboForm is owned by Siber Systems whose mission is to “Our mission is to give individuals and companies the power to safely and conveniently access and manage their data.” Well, let’s see how well RoboForm delivers on this mission in this review.

All Of the Patform RoboForm Is Available On

The Different Versions of RoboForm

All good password managers deliver a cross-device and cross-platform experience. After all, we are hopping from device to device much more frequently in 2020! Thankfully RoboForm is available on all major platforms and devices. You’ll find the password manager on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. In addition, there is browser support in the form of browser extensions to create a truly comprehensive and seamless experience.

RoboForm for Chrome

We’ll cover RoboForm for Chrome as it the most widely used browser and most likely where most people will use RoboForm. Honestly, we weren’t overly impressed with the extension. Yes, it does everything you need it to but it’s not that user-friendly. The main issue we found was with the interface, which was crowded and frustrating. It displays all of your passwords on a single pane, which for most of us means 50 – 200 websites for us to scan to find the one we’re looking for. Not the biggest problem, but a search function would be nice, or most used for example. If you’re like me and have 100+ accounts stored, then the pane fills up a lot of the screen real estate, which is pretty annoying as well.

However, it still ticks all of the basic functionality boxes and will enable you to create, store and to some degree manage your passwords. The password manager function is quite cool, offering the ability to generate random passwords of varying complexity with ease.

RoboForm Subscription Levels

Different Subscription Levels

As with most SAAS, there are different options depending on your needs and budgets. We’ll take a dive into RoboForm Free, RoboForm Everywhere (paid), the family package and finally RoboForm Business.

Roboform Free review

RoboForm free is great value for no money! Despite not performing as well as other free versions password managers it still does a good job. It offers unlimited password storage and multi-platform support. This means you’ll ever get to a point where you need to pay to store a password or use a device that doesn’t have the support of RoboForm Free.

The biggest negative, which in my view is a big one is the lack of multi-device synchronisation. This is one of a few areas that RoboForm, unfortunately, shows their age. As someone who is logging in and out of digital marketing tools all day long, and across multiple devices, it’s a big miss!

RoboForm Everywhere Review

RoboForm Everywhere is just that, a password manager that is everywhere across your devices. Included in RoboForm Everywhere, is multi-device sync – woohoo! With a small fee, you now have access to RoboForm’s centralised, encrypted server that will safely store your passwords. This is perfect if you use different devices to access the same site or tools regularly. Roboform Everywhere uses a master password mechanism to access the server and tour password. So keep this password to yourself!

In addition to multi-device sync, which for me is worth the price alone, there are some other additions worth discussing. With the paid versions of RoboForm you have the ability to use their web application, not just their chrome extension. This means if you’re forced to use a certain browser at work you can still always access and manage your passwords.

In my opinion, the small fee is more than worth it if you’re deadset on using RoboForm.

RoboForm Free vs RoboForm Everywhere

Free Everywhere
Unlimited Logins?
Fill web forms?
Multi-platform support?
Strong encryption?  ✔
Password audit?  ✔
Securely send Logins?  ✔
Receive Emergency Access?  ✔
Application Logins?  ✔
Manage Bookmarks?  ✔
Sync across all devices?  ✔
Cloud backup?  ✔
Two Factor Authentication?  ✔
Secure shared folder?  ✔
Grant Emergency Access?  ✔
Web access?A  ✔
Priority 24/7 support?  ✔

RoboForm Business

If you’re a small-to-medium sized business, it’s worth looking at RoboForm for Business. Anyone who works with teams or manages projects understands that quick access is imperative to an efficient workflow. Well, this is where RoboForm’s business-level solution could come in handy. Just like the personal version, it stores passwords, but this version can do it for an entire organisation.

Having an agreed-upon password management protocol within a business that handles important work is critical. Some team members will use good practice, others will use notepads and pens. RoboForm for business eliminates this and provides an easy to use password manager for teams.

However, there is a lack of integrations into some widely-used tools so it may be worth checking with Roboform to see how it could integrate with your workflow.

What’s New With RoboForm 8?

RoboForm 8 adds new and useful features like secure sharing. This allows users of RoboForm Everywhere to share login credential with another user of Roboform (any version is sufficient to receive). This is quite a useful feature and one that could work well in small teams or startups. You are able to securely share individual logins or an entire folder’s worth. RoboForm keeps things encrypted across the transfer to ensure integrity is maintained throughout.

In a worst-case scenario in which you forget your master password, it is possible to set-up emergency access recipients. This is again a feature in which the recipient just needs the free version.

It’s a little surprising that this next feature has taken RoboForm so long since most other password managers have had this feature for a while. But finally, RoboForm can provide a security audit of your password portfolio. This will show you which passwords are weak, old and repeated across multiple websites/tools.

RoboForm Key Features

RoboForm has a fair few features that are worth covering. Some of these features have been touched on briefly before but this section of the RoboForm review is dedicated to providing a breakdown of RoboForm’s key features.

Capturing Passwords and Logging In

The most basic and expected feature of a password manager is capturing passwords automatically and helping users log in with ease. This feature is available across all platforms. Every time you log in to a site, RoboForm’s browser of application will pop up and offer to save capture and store the login details. At this stage, you can rename the entry or let it default to the name of the website. There is also the option to add some notes to the entry in-case you need to provide further context to the log-ins. Perhaps if you share the access with another RoboForm user, you want them to have some additional context around the tool or website.

Now that RoboForm has captured the security credentials it will provide you with the option to automatically input them on your return to the same site. Anyone who uses a password manager understands how useful and how much time this saves.

Password Manager

Despite an aged aesthetic, RoboForm offers a more comprehensive password manager that most others on the market. The majority of users won’t need to fiddle with things too much, but for those who want to, you can! The password manager feature in RoboForm is called the Editor and that’s exactly what it is. It allows you to it your saved entries, but also edit the way in which your entries are saved, as well as program custom keyboard shortcuts. As I said, most people won’t use 90% of these granular customisations but if you’re into this sort of thing customise away!

RoboFrom Form Filler

Form Filling

Form filling is another area in which RoboForm does a stellar job. RoboForm is primarily known as a password, but the clue is the name! RoboForm supports eight data categories to help fill forms with ease. Person, Business, Passport, Address, Credit Card, Bank Account, and Car, plus a Custom category are all supported. In addition, RoboForm will support multiple identities, so if you are your partner are bookings flight and you need to check-in both people, it will easy peasy! This is a Roboform Everywhere feature and after the multi-device sync, is probably my second favourite paid feature.

RoboForm Security Audit

Security Auditing

The security auditing feature s a welcome addition to RoboForm 8 and is something we touch on before in this RoboForm review. With that in mind, we’ll quickly move on, as there’s nothing else to say.

RoboForm Download Homepage

What is RoboForm Like to Use?

RoboForm is well-know to be a little more frustrating to use than most other password managers, especially the password editor window. Saying that, for most people, once it is set-up there’s not really much interaction beyond storing passwords and logging in automatically

Installing RoboForm

Installing RoboForm couldn’t be easier.  To install the free version all you have to do is click “get RoboForm”. The site will detect your OS and download the appropriate version. There is no data collection or anything. Just simply click the download button and off you go. Once it’s downloaded just follow the steps and you’ll be good to go in no time. The installer will even automatically add the browser extension of your choice. Pretty cool right?

The Interface

The interface is where RoboForm lets itself down. It does look dated and is cumbersome to use. Whereas better-designed password manager interfaces barely interfere with your screen, RoboForm does the opposite.  RoboForm will literally dominate your screen if you have a lot of passwords, which is annoying. Managing your passwords should be a side task not something that takes over your entire life for five minutes. Most people may just want. to quickly rename a password entry and move one. Well, RoboForm turns into somewhat of an ordeal.

RoboForm Security

RoboForm Security

The primary purpose of a password manager is to increase the security level of your password protocol. Well, this is no good if RoboForm itself is insecure and vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches.

Is RoboForm Secure?

RoboForm is secure. Just like almost all password managers, RoboForm uses AES-256 encryption to keep your data safe and sound. AES-256 is the pinnacle of consumer-grade encryption and is almost impossible to break. In addition to using high-level encryption, RoboForm provides a whitepaper detailing the nuts and bolts of their security measures. This provides a very high level of accountability within the industry and transparency is always a good thing!

To access the encrypted data you must make a master password, which is then used as a key to access the encrypted data. In other words, the weakest part of the security measures put in place by RoboForm is the users. Make sure you pick a strong password and don’t tell a soul what it is! Thankfully Roboform requires a complex master password consisting of at least eight characters in length with at least four special characters.

RoboForm never even sees your master password nor does it store it. Instead, your key is generated confidentially from RoboForm using PBKDF2 with the SHA-256 hash function and a 32-byte salt. You might want to wiki this stuff!

Has RoboForm Been Hacked?

RoboForm has never been hacked in its entire lifetime, unlike LastPass who have! Despite having excellent security and encryption measure put in place, a lot of their userbase uses the free version, which is offline. This means that there are fast fewer access points for a potential breach to take place. All local information is encrypted as well.

RoboForm Password Manager Summary

All in all, RoboForm is an above-average password manager that includes everything you need a password manager to include. It offers solutions for people of all budgets and all devices. In addition, it offers a relatively robust business solution. For the average user, RoboForm is a solid choice, although I would personally opt for LastPass. This is mainly due to the user interface issues found in RoboForm that Lastpass doesn’t suffer from. However, this could be a personal preference. I would not recommend this product for business users, simply because of the lack of integration with widely-used tools.

RoboForm offers a 30-day refund policy on its paid version, so if you like most of what you’ve read in this review, you can try it out risk-free.


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