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Good education tools can make a huge difference in a child’s learning experience. This is also true for parents and teachers who use education tools to help aid their students or children. Here at Cyber Smart Kids, we want to provide useful reviews to help inform parents, teachers and kids what the best education apps and websites are. This time around, we decided to write a Studyladder review!

If you’re short on time, feel free to skip ahead to the Studyladder review summary.

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Who Is Studyladder?

Studyladder is an Australian education tool developed by two teachers. In 2009 Studyladder was created with the aim to help improve the educational experience for children of all ability levels. In 2020, Studyladder is now used by students, parents and teachers in over 120 countries.

What Is Studyladder?

Studyladder is an education website and Chrome app for students, teachers and parents. It helps students of all ability levels, aged from 4 -12, to learn a wide range of subjects. It uses a range of learning methods to help deliver the learning materials, such as interactive games and videos. In addition to encouraging learning through interactive games, a reward mechanism is built in to help motivate the children. The reward mechanism is based around an in-app currency. The currency earned from completing lessons can then be spent on upgrading the in-app avatar.

Because Studyladder was developed by teachers, there is a strong focus on learning parallel to school curriculums. The subjects covered in Studyladder are a reflection of the subjects covered in schools and for American students, are a reflection of the Common Core State Standards.

There is a free version of Studyladder, which provides access to a lot of the content. If you want access to everything then you will need to pay for the premium version.

Is It A Good Teaching Tool?

Yes, Studyladder provides teachers with an excellent addition to their teaching toolkit. I don’t think it should ever be used as the only method of teaching, but for the low cost (or even free) it is worth considering as an additional tool. The fact that it follows the curriculum is great for both professional in-school teachers, and parents alike. This allows teachers to easily use it to supplement their in-school lessons. It also helps parents easily follow along with the curriculum if they want to encourage their children to study more frequently.

There are a lot of useful tools which help teachers manage their students time on Studyladder. For example, it is very easy for teachers to set-up, manage and view their students’ accounts. Studyladder allows teachers to separate their students into different classes or even student groups. This means that tasks can be set very quickly to large groups of students, saving a lot of admin time.

Studyladder is an excellent teaching tool due to its ease of management, interactive lesson types and ability to monitor progression easily.

Does It Help Students Learn?

As with any tool of this nature, a student must want to learn for it to be successful. And Studyladder does a good job of encouraging students to learn through its built-in reward mechanism. Students earn credits as they complete tasks and lessons. These Reward Points allow them to buy items for their avatar from the Rewards Room. However, as the kids get older they will be less encouraged by this feature. It must also be noted that some items are locked in the free version. In addition to rewarding students for completing tasks, it also rewards them for logging in daily.

However, and this likely due to the age of Studyladder, but some of the content looks dated. It also feels a bit off on mobile devices like tablets. Students will become frustrated when what they are clicking does not react how it should on a touch screen. In 2020, some students will be put off by the outdated look and unresponsive nature of some the lessons.

Studyladder Subjects

StudyLadder Subjects

Studyladder covers all of the major subjects:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • ICT
  • Health, Safety add Citizenship
  • Visual Arts andMusic

The subjects are then split into easily accessible topics. These topics can be viewed on the website and are split into different grades. Every topic provides a tutorial for the student to learn from. After the tutorial, the student is given an opportunity to practice what they have just learned. Once they’re ready they can complete the work on printable handouts.

What Curriculums Can StudyLadder Follow?

StudyLadder Curriculums

Studyladder includes the curriculum from Australia, England, Canada and the United States. All of the resources included with Study Ladder have been produced by experienced teachers who have a great understanding of each country’s curriculum. It also includes additional content to support the curriculum and aid the students overall learning experience.

Studyladder Pricing & Features

Studyladder offers a strong feature list for the Basic free version. If you’re just looking to add a little additional support to your kid’s studies, then this will be more than fine. But if you’re planning to use Studyladder as a core part of the learning g experience, we would recommend the Premium version.

Please note, the price below is in AUD.

For Home Basic Premium
(parents, guardians and homeschool) $0 $88 for 12 14 months
Limited course access Per Family
Parent portal student management
Up to 5 students per account
Links to school accounts
Mathematics, English and Science
Curriculum aligned resources
Sequential programs
Smiley progress charts
Unlimited certificates and rewards
Exam practice
Teaching packs
Unlimited access to course
Unlimited worksheets
Individual lesson reports
Progress reports
Communication tools
Individual task setting
Unlock rewards and avatars
Unlimited educational games

Studyladder Review Summary

Studyladder is a great study aid for students and teachers alike, although there are better options available. However, the free version has a very strong offering suitable for most users. So if you’re a parent who wants to add a little more their kid’s education, then Studyladder is worth considering. For teachers who plan to use it as a core part of their classroom, I would probably recommend looking elsewhere for a solution. Despite offering strong management feature, the content is just too outdated. This will cause you to run into issues as you come across uninspiring tutorial and lessons. Studyladder is also not natively supported on touch screen devices which could put off some people.


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