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Formatting Footers Google Docs

How To Format Footers in Google Docs

Formatting footers in Google Docs allows you to make professional-looking documents. All of the different formatting options available to the body text are also available

How To Create A Folder

How To Create a Folder in Google Docs

Learn how to create new folders in Google Docs quickly and easily.

Google Doc Margins Feature

How to Adjust Margins in Google Docs

Quickly learn how to change the size of margins in a Google Document.

How To Delete A Page In Google Docs

3 Quick Methods To Delete A Page In Google Docs

Learning how to delete a page in Google Docs is easy with these three methods: Method 1: Select and delete Method 2: Remove a page

Children Screen Time Feature Image

Screen Time Guidelines For Children To Keep Kids Happy & Healthy

Screen time guidelines for children are critical now that we’re in the digital age, screens are practically everywhere. With tablets, video games, phones, computers, TV,